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Sirigangula Reception Hall

Sirigangula Reception Hall is situated in Kiriella, Ratnapura. Built on an elevated location, this Reception hall is surrounded by lush green plantations of tea and a beautiful scenic environment, offering a pleasing ambience for the onlookers.

The guests can experience the spectacular views of the River Kalu Ganga, one of Sri Lanka’s most famous waterways on one side, and on the other the world-renowned sacred mountain the Adams Peak, one of the most celebrated places of pilgrimage.

The Hall could accommodate up to 350 guests. It has all the features / facilities / equipment / furniture to cater to any type of occasion such as Wedding ceremonies, Birthday Parties, Get-togethers, Anniversary Parties, Seminars & Conferences etc.

It also has a tennis court, children’s playground & ample space for other outdoor activities.  Having facilities for Buffet lunch, they cater to Day-outings for small & large groups.

Surrounded by a scenic environment and warm hospitality the guests will be having an unforgettable event at the Sirigangula Reception Hall.